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Don’t Forget to Pack These Picnic Essentials

Don’t Forget to Pack These, Picnic Essentials. When it comes to fun summer activities, nothing beats venturing outside with your friends to enjoy a perfect picnicking excursion. . In order to ensure your picnic goes as smoothly as possible, here are 10 things you should always pack. . 1. Sunscreen, Make sure your picnic is memorable because of the fun you have, not the sunburn! . 2. Bug Spray, Bring along bug spray so those pesky insects won’t ruin your day. 3. Trash Bag, Leave your picnic spot cleaner than you found it by packing up all your trash. . 4. Extra Cutlery, There’s no harm in packing some extra utensils just in case you need them. 5. Ice Packs, Pack a few ice packs to make sure your food won’t spoil and your delicate greens won’t wilt in the heat. 6. Knife, A small foldable knife is a versatile tool that can come in handy in a variety of situations. 7. Baby Wipes, These are perfect for cleaning up before and after you eat. 8. Bottled Beverages, Resealable bottles eliminate the needs for cups and can prevent spills. 9. First Aid Kit, Basic supplies like bandages, aspirin and creams are important to have just in case anything happens. . 10. Camera, Remember to capture the memories you’re making on your picnic adventure

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