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How to Pick the Right Training Plan for a Marathon

How to, Pick the Right Training Plan, for a Marathon. Due to the coronavirus, many spring marathons were postponed until the fall. . This means the fall racing schedule will be more busy than usual. 'The New York Times' recently ran an article offering tips to anyone training for a marathon. . Here are 4 things they suggested:. 1. Determine your current fitness level. Robyn LaLonde, head coach and owner of Edge Athlete Lounge in Chicago, . suggests tallying your mileage from the past four to eight weeks. Look for a training plan no more than 10% to 20% above that number. A large increase in mileage puts you at an increased risk of injury. 2. Have a realistic schedule. Be brutally honest about time management. . How many days a week can you train, and how many days a week can you recover?, Robyn LaLonde, head coach and owner of Edge Athlete Lounge, via 'The New York Times'. Come up with a training plan that works with your schedule. . 3. Don't stop cross-training. Strength training for a marathon is very important. . A good plan should incorporate more than one day of cross-training. . 4. Find your local running community. . Most cities have training groups based out of local running stores. . Many marathons have both online and in-person training groups. Train smart and stay ahead.

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