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Kids Who Eat Ultra-Processed Foods Gain Weight More Quickly

A study of over 9,000 kids found that kids who eat a lot of ultra-processed foods are more likely to be overweight as adults. The researchers studied a group of 9,000 kids from the ages of 7 to 24. When they were 7, 10 and 13 the kids were asked to complete a food diary for three days. The weight, waist circumference, body fat and body mass index (BMI) of the kids were collected during the study. Ultra-processed food accounted for one-fifth of the total diet of the kids who ate the least amount of processed food. It accounted for over two-thirds of the total diet of the kids who at the most ultra-processed food. Those who ate the most processed foods had a rapid increase in BMI, weight and body fat as they grew up. By the age of 24, those who ate a lot of ultra-processed food had a higher BMI and body fat than other study participants.

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