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Porsche To Build High-Performance Battery Facility

Porsche is setting up a new factory to help the development of high-performance batteries for its cars. The battery plant will be run as a subsidiary of Porsche and is a joint venture between Porsche and Customscells. The new facility will initially employ 13 engineers before rising to 80 in 2025. The company will aim to develop batteries with significantly shorter charging times while also cutting battery production costs. However, Porsche has stated that the factory will be initially focused on performance instead of volume. "In terms of production, it will be small compared to all the gigafactories you know, so we are looking forward to have around 100 MWh a year as production capacity, Michael Steiner," R&D at Porsche. Porsche is expecting these new batteries to be used in its cars by the year 2024.

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