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Rideshare Services Reduce Drunk-Driving Convictions

The availability of ridesharing services can reduce the number of drunk-driving convictions, according to a new study. A study found the number of convictions for impaired driving in Houston fell by 24% following the introduction of the services. The researchers claim that the findings are likely applicable to other cities across the U.S. The study also found that ridesharing services reduce the number of injuries from car crashes. The services discourage people from driving while impaired, which reduces the chances of accidents occurring. This finding is important as car accidents are a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S., and it has been challenging to combat this epidemic, Dr. Christopher Conner, Neurosurgery Resident At The University Of Texas Health Science Center. Approximately one-third of all automobile accidents in the U.S involve at least one driver under the influence of alcohol.

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