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The Best Way To Teach Your Dog To Swim

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are natural-born swimmers. However, it is essential for your dog’s safety that they are comfortable in and around water. Experts say that purchasing a dog life jacket is the first step in getting your dog into the water. Once they are comfortable wearing their life jacket, try to entice your dog to enter the water by themselves. Once they are in the water, hold the handle on the life jacket and carry them around while they learn to paddle. Over time, give your dog more space and encourage them to swim into deeper water. Make sure to use a lot of praise and positive reinforcement. If your dog ever seems overwhelmed, move to shallower water or take them to dry land immediately. Never throw your dog into the water to let them figure things out by themselves. This can be dangerous and could also ruin your dog’s confidence and make them afraid of water for life

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