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The Most Commonly Misspelled Word In Every US State

An analysis of Google Trends data has identified the most commonly misspelled words in every state. “Quarantine” was the most misspelled word in Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts and Minnesota. People in Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming also found it difficult to spell. “Coronavirus” was the most misspelled word in Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont and West Virginia. While “favorite” was the most misspelled word in Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia. People in Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina find the word “which” difficult to spell. Hawaii, Mississippi and Montana residents have trouble spelling the word “every”. People in Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota can’t spell the word “believe”. “Definitely” was the most misspelled word in New Hampshire, New York and Utah. while “separate” was was the most common spelling search in California and Rhode Island.

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