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‘Sea snot’ invasion in Sea of Mamara near Istanbul

A thick, slimy layer of the mucus-like matter is spreading over the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul, damaging marine life and the fishing industry.

This ‘sea snot’, or marine mucilage, is a naturally-occurring green or white sludge that forms when algae is overloaded with nutrients as a result of hot weather and water pollution. Turkey's recent outbreak over large areas of the Sea of Marmara is believed to be the biggest in history and is causing havoc for local communities.

Some fishermen are being prevented from working as it clogs up their motors and nets. President Erdogan blamed untreated sewage being dumped into the sea, as well as rising temperatures, and urged officials to investigate.

Divers have reported that large numbers of fish and other species are dying from suffocation.

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