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Here’s one herd of elephants we’ll never forget

A herd of wandering elephants that have captured the attention of the world are finally on their way home - after 17 months and an incredible 800-mile journey across China.

The 14 Asian elephants have given birth to two babies, caused more than £750,000 of damage and sent social media into meltdown when they were pictured having a group nap.

But on Saturday they were spotted roaming through a plantation in Yuanjiang county, Yunnan Province, about 120 miles north of their home nature reserve in southern Yunnan.

On their journey they have ransacked shops, smashed down doors in search of food and stormed into people’s homes.

Chinese authorities have been following the elephants using drones, trying to help guide them back home. They set up food baits and roadblocks to direct them to suitable habitats where they would be safe.

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