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You thought Jaws was scary, check this out!

It was pretty scary for Robert Shaw and Roy Scheider in the original Jaws movie, but that was just a model. This terrifying great white, bearing its huge mouth and teeth just yards from a shark diving boat, is the real thing.

The ‘money shot’ was captured by cameraman Anthony Kobrowisky in Gansbaai, South Africa - the white shark capital of the world.

Kobrowisky has had many encounters with the stunning creatures but says this one stands out. His footage is utilised by his photography company Sea Candy Media to raise the public profile of sharks, whose future is in doubt.

He said: “We need all sharks in our ocean and sadly many of these species are critically endangered. It is said that over 100 million sharks are killed yearly! This is primarily due to the shark fin industry and shark fin soup. The ripple effect will be felt by everyone when these sharks disappear.”

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