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Mobility restrictions due to Covid-19 on 10 roads in Jakarta, Indonesia

This footage was filmed and produced 21 June 2021. Jakarta Police and Government of DKI Jakarta restricted mobility of 10 roads in Jakarta from 9 pm until 4 am start on Monday 21, 2021. These mobility restrictions are made to avoid crowds to reduce Covid-19 cases. The 10 highways where mobility will be limited are: 1.  Bulungan from Bulungan traffic light behind AGO to Mahakam area 2.  Kemang, starting at the T-junction of Kem Chicks then reaching McDonald's, to the southern end near Jalan Benda 3. Jalan  Gunawarman, Suryo and SCBD from Gunawarman in front of KFC at the T-junction from Apotek Senopati to Santa-Blok S 4.  Sabang along Jalan Sabang 5. Cikini Raya by Jalan Cikini in Raden Saleh 6. Jalan  Asia Afrika  from Fairmont Hotel T-intersection traffic light to Pakubuwono Mustopo T-intersection, Senayan town 7. Banjir Kanal Timur along the BKT road 8. The whole area of Old West Jakarta from Hayam Huruk to Kunir Beos Station 9. Boulevard Kelapa Gading 10. Pantai Indah Kapuk area, namely PIK 2 after crossing the bridge.

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