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New study claims 83 million people will die over the next 80 years due to climate change

Over the course of the next eight decades, about 83 million excess deaths are expected to be caused by rising global temperatures, according to a study published in Nature Communications.

Author of the paper R. Daniel Bressler, Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University, joined Cheddar’s Closing Bell to break down how exactly he expects climate change to impact various locations across the globe emphasising that the most significant death tolls will likely come from poorer regions.

The study introduces a new metric to help companies and governments assess damage caused by climate change this century. Accounting for the ‘mortality cost of carbon’ could force polluters to clean up by dramatically raising the cost of emissions.

“Based on the decisions made by individuals, businesses or governments, this tells you how many lives will be lost or saved,” said Bressler

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