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Guardiola grilled on Grealish, Kane and Messi and the chances of landing all three!

A new season, but the same old Pep Guardiola.

Facing reporters the day after Manchester City’s £100m purchase of Jack Grealish and the shock announcement that Lionel Messi is set to leave Barcelona, there was plenty to talk about.

He talked down the £100m price tag for Grealish by explaining that £60m had been offset by the sale of existing players, so Grealish only really cost £40m!

Next question, Harry Kane. Are Manchester City going to buy him, he was asked. ‘If Tottenham don’t want to negotiate, it’s finished,’ he replied. That’s not a ‘no’ then.

And finally on Messi - ‘The most extraordinary player I have ever seen in my life’.

So will he be coming to City? ‘We have given the No 10 shirt to Grealish,’ said Pep. That’s not a ‘no’ then!

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