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‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe it’ - watch Roger Federer as he learns of Serena’s injury

Tennis legend Roger Federer was blind-sided at a Wimbledon press conference when asked what he thought about Serena Williams being forced to quit the tournament through injury.

Clearly unaware and shaken by the news, Federer said ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it.’

Federer was asked how he had found the conditions after his match too was blighted by injury, when his opponent Adrian Mannarino had also slipped on the grass. Several players have fallen over the first two days, especially under the roofs on Centre Court and Court One.

Federer said: “It feels a tad more slippery under the roof. If you push too hard in the wrong moment you do go down, I’m moving carefully.”

And reflecting on Williams’ exit, he said: “This is terrible. It’s back-to-back matches and Serena as well, oh my God, I cant believe it.”

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