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Bizarre Facts About Sonic the Hedgehog As the Blue Blur Turns 30

Bizarre Facts About Sonic the Hedgehog, As the Blue Blur Turns 30. 'Sonic the Hedgehog' debuted on June 23, 1991. In honor of the speedster's birthday, here are four facts and one conspiracy about the iconic character. 1. , Sonic was first designed to be a rabbit, but later turned into a hedgehog. 2. , His first name was Mr. Needlemouse. 3. , Sonic originally had a human girlfriend named Madonna, but SEGA of America axed the idea because they didn't think it would be appropriate for the U.S. market. 4. , 'Sonic' games had different box artwork in Japan. 5. , Michael Jackson allegedly helped create the 'Sonic' soundtrack. According to 'The Huffington Post,' Jackson, who was reportedly a huge SEGA fan. wrote music for the 'Sonic 3' soundtrack, even though he wasn't credited in the game and it was never officially confirmed. However, this would have been in 1993 amid Jackson's sexual abuse allegations, so it would have been understandable if they kept his involvement quiet. Some fans think the end credits sounds similar to "Stranger in Moscow," among other examples

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