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Windows and iPhone

Backup your PC & Mac the right way, start your 15-day free trial to Backblaze: Who still remembers Windows Phone? How about Nokia or Lumia? The story of Microsoft's Windows Phone is filled with great breakthroughs in technology but also huge losses. Let's talk about Windows Phone and how Apple's iPhone and Google's Android succeeded where Microsoft couldn't. Rise and Fall: Episode 1 0:00 Intro 01:44 Windows CE & HandHeld PC 03:21 Introduction of PocketPC and the birth of Windows Mobile 07:00 The iPhone Changes Everything 12:30 Microsoft feels the pressure 14:12 Windows Phone 7 Release 16:53 Windows Phone 7 Strengths and Weaknesses 18:22 Microsoft + Nokia Partnership 21:47 Microsoft Buys Nokia 24:14 Windows Phone Goes on Life Support 24:58 Steve Balmer on what went wrong 26:02 Microsoft makes a comeback -Videos Featured- CHM Live | Original iPhone Software Team Leader Scott Forstall (Part Two) Ballmer: Windows Phone 7 'different' Nokia Abandons Its Dividend After 143 Years Ballmer Laughs at iPhone Steve Ballmer on His Biggest Regret (Oct. 21, 2014) | Charlie Rose The best Motion and Final Cut Pro X templates: Follow me! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: MY GEAR: Music from Musicbed, check them out: #WindowsPhone

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