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YouTube to Ban Several Types of Advertisers From Prominent Spot on Its Homepage

YouTube to Ban Several Types of Advertisers, From Prominent Spot on Its Homepage. Axios first reported that the video-streaming platform will ban certain ads. Companies related to gambling, alcohol, prescription drugs and political ads will not be allowed to advertise on the site's masthead. . The masthead is displayed at the top of its homepage and apps. CNN Business reports that this marks the second big change to YouTube's masthead policies in less than a year. . In November, the platform banned advertisers from reserving the spot for a full day. YouTube's policies have come under intense scrutiny in recent years, particularly around its approach to misinformation and hate speech. . Last year, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter agreed to an audit of their policies regarding harmful content after pressure from advertisers. Google also announced a moratorium on political ads in the buildup to last year's U.S. presidential election. The moratorium was expanded following the U.S. Capitol riots before being lifted in February

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