Chrissy Teigen planting a tree in new home with soil containing lost baby’s ashes

14:37pm, Thu 01 Apr 2021
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Model Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend are using the ashes of the baby they lost to nurture a tree at their new family home.

Jack, the couple’s third child, would have been born in February, but sadly didn’t survive beyond 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

Teigen, 35, revealed she and Legend are building a new house and want to put a tree indoors in memory of their son, placing his ashes in the soil.

She told PEOPLE magazine: “We have this new home that we’re building and this tree being planted inside the home, which is very relatable, yes, everyone has an indoor tree.

“The whole reason why I wanted it was so Jack’s ashes could be in that soil, and he could be with us all the time and grow through the beautiful leaves.

“Beauty is being able to see how powerful your body is. It’s really, really nice to be able to come to an age where I can appreciate every little scar and see my body as something that’s done incredible, miraculous things.”

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