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04 August 2023

Famous females who are dedicated follows of Duran Duran PLUS more top people stories

04 August 2023

Young girls have often been the driving force behind the success of various pop bands, from The Beatles to One Direction. The credibility of this fan base has been acknowledged by stars such as Harry Styles and Duran Duran. Styles defended his young fans' taste in music, asking why it would be considered inferior to a hipster in his thirties. Duran Duran have consistently recognised the significance of their female fans, attributing their rise from playing at The Rum Runner Club in Birmingham to filling global stadiums to their fervour and intensity. Many of these fans emerged as famous celebrities who continue to support the band.

Jim and Irene Pryde, initially from Fife, are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary before Irene's 80th birthday next month. Having lived in Clydesdale since 1970 and brought up three children, the couple still take joy in spending time with their family. Over the years, they've enjoyed travelling to various UK destinations. Jim candidly credits resolving arguments and staying silent at times as their secret to long-lasting marital joy. The couple's anniversary will be celebrated with a Chinese meal and a family gathering at the Inn on the Loch.

Merseyside landmarks were illuminated in rainbow colours to mark the 15th anniversary of Michael Causer's death. Causer, an openly gay trainee hairdresser, was killed at age 18 during an attack alleged to involve homophobic slurs. A commemorative vigil was held at Court Hey Park, featuring the unveiling of a pavilion dedicated to Causer. The Michael Causer Foundation, managed by One Knowsley since earlier this year, was created by Causer's parents and Merseyside's LGBTQIA+ community to support the region's LGBTQIA+ people in his memory.

During the summer school holidays, various top restaurants and supermarkets across Tyneside have been providing free or affordable food for children. This initiative is in response to the escalating cost of living in the UK in 2023. Notable offers include Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Morrisons cafes, each offering meals to children either for free or for £1 with the purchase of an adult meal. Brewers Fayre and Sizzling Pubs are also participating, offering low-cost meals.

American rock star Bruce Springsteen and his wife, Patti Scialfa, share a deep bond over their shared background and love for music. The couple first met in 1980 at a New Jersey bar, and despite Springsteen's advice for Scialfa to stay away from a gig life, she joined his E Street Band in 1984. After a rocky first marriage to Julianne Phillips, Springsteen found lasting love with Scialfa and they married in 1991. The couple, who celebrated their 32nd anniversary recently, continue to make music together and will be performing at Villa Park on 16 June.

Lewis Capaldi's career has soared as he released his latest album, 'Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent' and continues to sell out concerts. He was discovered on SoundCloud, is a dedicated Celtic FC fan and would be a fishmonger if not a singer. He is dating actor Ellie MacDowell and is related to Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi. With a reported net worth of £8 million, he owns several properties in Glasgow. His close friendships with Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran are also notable.

The Sunday Times Rich List of 2023 reveals a diverse range of billionaires and millionaires from Birmingham and the West Midlands, involved in sectors from gambling to retail, IT and property development. The highest local ranking is 16th nationally, with none making the UK top 10. The overall UK riches are Gopi Hinduja and his family, worth £35bn, followed by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, with a net worth of £29.688bn. Both originate from outside the region, with backgrounds in conglomerate business and chemical industry respectively.

Peaky Blinders star, Cillian Murphy's primary goal is improving as an actor, rather than chasing fame. He credits his wife, Yvonne McGuinness, who he met in 1996, for keeping him grounded. The couple, parents to two teenage sons, moved from London to Dublin to stay close to their Irish roots. McGuinness, an artist and protective mother, has been a constant support while Murphy filmed six seasons of Peaky Blinders. Murphy, who also starred in films such as Inception and Batman, prioritises work-life balance, noting that he tries to escape the cyclical nature of the film industry for at least six months each year.

Forty endearing dogs are currently awaiting adoption at Dogs Trust Glasgow. Anyone interested in offering these dogs a new home can view them and learn about the adoption process on the Dogs Trust Glasgow website.

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