23 October 2023

How to do Halloween make-up and still take care of your skin

23 October 2023

Halloween is a time for getting creative with make-up, but that means your skin can take a real battering.

“Halloween make-up can irritate the skin as it often contains more artificial chemicals or heavy metals for glitter than usual make-up products do,” explains Dr Kajal Babamiri, a GP with a specialist interest in skin and wellness at CLNQ.

“Since the make-up is often applied more heavily, this can also clog pores, causing more breakouts or irritation.”

So how can you get the perfect spooky look – without the horrors of bad skin the next day?

Check the ingredients

What you put on your skin is important.

“We recommend checking the products and looking for fragrance-free or alcohol-free products. You should avoid heavy metals such as lead or cobalt, and also artificial dye,” suggests Babamiri.

Wear a primer

A primer is a base layer that holds your make-up in place – but it could also have other uses.

“One of the most important considerations is to apply a protective base or make-up primer. This adds an additional layer of protection for the skin,” says Babamiri.

Many primers, such as the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, £52 (50ml), report skincare benefits beneath your make-up.

Use skincare beauty hybrids

Many brands now combine skincare and make-up. Brands like Jones Road, TULA and Glow Hub have been releasing a wide range of skincare-infused make-up products.

Beauty expert and Glow Hub founder Tiffany Salmon says: “By using skincare-infused make-up, you can combat some of the potential damage by nourishing your skin with moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, creating a protective barrier between your skin and make-up.”

Hydrate at every step

Thick make-up for some can be super drying, particularly in spots like your under eyes.

“Locking in moisture is key. Hyaluronic acid will be your skin’s best friend to help keep dryness at bay. You can use a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid already in it or combine it with your moisturisers and gently apply it before your make-up,” says Caroline Barnes, pro-make-up artist and Cetaphil partner.

But be sure to “allow your lotions and creams to settle into your skin for about 10 minutes before you start applying your foundation,” to stop your make-up ‘pilling’.

Give it a mean clean

To keep your skin healthy, you need to remove all of your make-up at the end of the day.

“Always opt for a double cleanse when removing lots of heavy make-up,” advises Barnes.

“First step, use an oil-based cleanser to loosen and emulsify make-up. Remove pigments with a flannel and warm water. Next step, use a cleanser that suits your skin type to clean your skin. Using two formulas will ensure your skin is left beautifully clean and problem-free.”

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