23 January 2024

Best interior colours to boost your mood

23 January 2024

As winter trudges along, those dark nights feel endless, and as we hunker down to escape the cold, an upbeat approach to mastering negative vibes is to embrace statement shades.

With this in mind, it makes sense to decorate your home according to how you want to feel, right now.

“Bright and bold colours are known to increase dopamine (feel-good chemicals), leaving you feeling motivated and satisfied,” says Sarah Lloyd, Valspar’s paint and interiors expert.

To lighten your frame of mind, here’s what’s hot on our pigment-rich swatch list…


“Yellow is the happiest colour you can choose for inside your home!” enthuses Lloyd. “Often associated with sunshine and outdoors, researchers have found yellow surroundings boost serotonin levels – and provide a sense of excitement and wellbeing.”

But it depends on the colour palette and shade of yellow, says Lloyd. As she points out, yellow isn’t the easiest colour to style in interiors, but a soft, muted yellow is a beautiful addition to a neutral home.

Otherwise, buttercup brights look brilliant in the kitchen with the sun streaming through.

“Pick up some yellow blankets to drape over the bed, paint your own yellow canvas to hang in the hallway, or add some yellow lamp shades to really recreate that sunshine aesthetic,” she adds.


“Orange is a warm, inviting colour that invokes confidence and style in any room,” says Lloyd. “It should be used sparingly when decorating, or interspersed with calmer colours, as too much can overwhelm a space.”

The best way to decorate with orange is to pick a feature wall for one room in the home, suggests Lloyd.

“An office space, kid’s bedroom or bannister is the perfect way to incorporate this colour.” She continues. “Inject shades of bold orange such as vitamin C or orange marmalade to embrace warmth and project positivity.

“A little goes a long way with orange and every time you pass it, you’ll instantly feel better.”


Green tones are traditionally associated with balance and calm, and make a great foundation for your colour scheme, notes Lloyd.

“Very on trend for 2024, green can also help minimise the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

“Incorporate soft greens in tiles for a beautiful kitchen backsplash, or add some colour to your shower with new green bathroom wall tiles.”

She says a bold green works best in rich fabrics. “Go for a velvet green cushion or patterned low-pile rug for a minimalist vibe.

“Deep, rich greens are best suited for larger, stand-out items, such as a sofa, painted ceiling, or go green with your bedding for a peaceful sleep.”


“Blue is often used to promote a tranquil, calming environment and is regularly used in bedrooms and bathrooms for this reason.

“Moody blues are particularly stylish for 2024 and still create that cosy, wintery feel while being naturally mood-boosting,” highlights Lloyd.

She continues: “Using tonal and uniform blue combinations when decorating your space helps to de-clutter the room – and the mind.

“Go bold with a new blue kitchen featuring dark blue cabinets with metallic accents; or a blue bathroom with blue wall tiles and small accessories such as towels, hand wash and candles.”


Pink is a great way to add a touch of luxury to a room…

“Pink instigates feelings of love and kindness,” says Lloyd. “Shade is key… soft pinks are subtle and add gentle glamour, whilst a vivid pink encourages passion and romance.”

Think soft pinks with neutrals, so you can really play around with this colour. “Try pink curtains, pink wardrobes or pink chairs.”

With brighter, bolder pinks, think about incorporating some beautiful artwork around the house. Depending on your budget, she says you can even paint it yourself.

“Or have a bright pink theme that flows throughout the house, such as all-pink picture frames, or all pink lamps.”

Avoid over-using bright pinks if you’re looking for a calmer environment, she warns, as too much intense colour can create a sense of urgency and overwhelm a space.

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