04 November 2020

Chelsea’s Millie Bright, Carly Telford and Erin Cuthbert reveal they’re big David Attenborough fans in fun interview

Chelsea and England star Millie Bright says she is a big David Attenborough and wants him to follow her back on Instagram.

She revealed her admiration for the broadcaster in a ‘the last three’ video for club Chelsea alongside Carly Telford and Erin Cuthbert where players reveal the last three things they did in certain situations.

After saying she had recently watched Attenborough’s new documentary, she said: “Please follow me back David I’ve literally mentioned you in every answer, please!”

Bright also said she’d like actor Kevin Hart to follow her on the social media platform.

While Bright’s team-mate Cuthbert named an array of footballers she’d want to follow her back on Instagram.

Cuthbert said: “Messi. Imagine you see Messi followed you. I want Steven Gerrard to follow me on Instagram. And Frank Lampard, also another hero.”

Goalkeeper Carly Telford then revealed what her go to karaoke song is.

She said: “Killers Mr Brightside, everyday.”

And Cuthbert added 500 miles by The Proclaimers is her go to.

She said: “If you’re Scottish and you don’t know the words to that then you’re not really Scottish are you?”

The Scottish international added she likes to also sing Amy Winehouse Valerie and Telford asked her to do a ‘demonstration’.

She refused and said her singing voice is ‘terrible but it’s sound isn’t it’.

The conversation then turned to the best three films of all time.

Bright revealed Step Brothers, Bridemaids and Home Alone were her top picks, Telford chose Bridesmaids, Home Alone and Shawshank Redemption and Cuthbert went for Grown Ups and White Chicks.

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