England star Ellen White delighted her World Cup goal celebration has made FIFA 21

White has her celebration on the new FIFA 21 game (PA)
19:49pm, Fri 09 Oct 2020
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Manchester City and England star Ellen White’s goal celebration from the World Cup is featured in the new FIFA 21 video game - and she thinks it’s ‘perfect’.

White, who scored six goals at the tournament last summer, created her trademark glasses celebration after a suggestion from her husband.

She said: “It’s actually captured perfectly to be fair. Initially my husband was like, it would be really fun to do something a bit different.”

White added she likes to see people doing the celebration on the pitch and people also do it to her in public.

"In supermarkets.. yeah, like grown adults [will be like] ‘Ellen wahey!'

"It just made me smile really and I get sent a lot of videos of kids doing it playing football. Just running away and looking so happy and scoring and doing that celebration. For me it’s really cool to see so many people doing it and enjoying it as well.

“That’s part of the reason that it’s just something fun and a bit different.”

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