16 August 2023

How the inflation rate has slowed for everyday food and drink items

16 August 2023

The rate of inflation slowed last month for almost every type of food and drink that is tracked by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Some of the sharpest slowdowns were recorded for dairy products, with the average price of whole milk up by 3.7% in the 12 months to July compared with a rise of 18.2% in the year to June; low-fat milk up 10.9% in July compared with 21.7% in June; and margarine/vegetable fats up 10.6% compared with 22.5%.

Potatoes, pizzas, ice cream and coffee all saw inflation at least five percentage points lower in July compared with June, according to ONS Consumer Prices Index (CPI) data.

Among the small handful of food products listed by the ONS where the rate of inflation was higher month on month were sugar (at 54.5% in July, up from June’s 53.6%), yoghurt (21.3%, up from 21.0%), fresh or chilled fish (17.2%, up from 16.5%) and frozen seafood (10.8%, up from 8.8%).

Here is a list of examples of how the CPI inflation rate for food and non-alcoholic drink items has slowed, ranked by the size of the month-on-month change, starting with the largest.

Two figures are listed for each item: the average rise in price in the 12 months to June, followed by the average rise in price in the 12 months to July.

Whole milk: June 18.2%, July 3.7%Margarine and other vegetable fats: June 22.5%, July 10.6%Low-fat milk: June 21.7%, July 10.9%Jams, marmalades and honey: June 22.5%, July 14.3%Pizza and quiche: June 15.1%, July 8.6%Potatoes: June 21.4%, July 15.3%Sauces, condiments, salt, spices and culinary herbs: June 34.0%, July 28.4%Edible ices and ice cream: June 21.8%, July 16.3%Coffee: June 11.4%, July 6.3%Butter: June 7.1%, July 2.2%Frozen vegetables other than potatoes: June 28.6%, July 24.4%Tea: June 16.0%, July 12.7%Olive oil: June 44.8%, July 41.5%Chocolate: June 17.0%, July 14.6%Fruit and vegetable juices: June 22.7%, July 20.4%Rice: June 16.1%, July 13.9%Fresh or chilled fruit: June 10.1%, July 7.9%Pork: June 24.3%, July 22.2%Eggs: June 28.6%, July 26.7%Bread: June 13.7%, July 11.8%Soft drinks: June 14.2%, July 12.3%Dried vegetables: June 18.1%, July 16.3%Ready-made meals: June 13.5%, July 11.7%Crisps: June 19.4%, July 17.6%Fresh or chilled vegetables other than potatoes: June 18.4%, July 16.7%Breakfast cereals and other cereal products: June 11.4%, July 9.8%Lamb and goat: June 5.8%, July 4.2%Poultry: June 11.6%, July 10.0%Pasta products and couscous: June 24.7%, July 23.1%Cocoa and powdered chocolate: June 23.4%, July 21.9%Beef and veal: June 14.8%, July 13.4%Meat: June 14.0%, July 12.7%Mineral or spring waters: June 19.5%, July 18.2%Dried fruit and nuts: June 10.3%, July 9.3%Confectionery products: June 14.7%, July 13.9%Cheese and curd: June 25.1%, July 24.6%

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