28 November 2020

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker reveals he tried Botox - and hated it!

Ex-Tottenham and England player Gary Lineker has revealed he tried Botox and ‘absolutely hated it’.

The Match of the Day presenter, who turns 60 in two days, also revealed that he has tried to dye his hair.

He told The Sun: "I did try Botox once. I absolutely hated it. I’m quite expressive, then all of a sudden I couldn’t move. It was on my forehead and I just couldn’t raise my eyebrows. It was a really awful, weird feeling. Just urrrgh! Horrible.

“I had three months of feeling very self-conscious. Someone suggested it — I wasn’t bullied into it — and it was quite a few years ago, so I don’t mind admitting I tried it once.

“I also tried dyeing my hair . . . and that was an even worse mistake. I looked even more ridiculous. That wasn’t my idea, either. It was my old hairdresser’s fault!”

Lineker also said he’s still single following his split from wife Danielle Bux in 2016.

“I’m singlely-singley-single-single. Yes, I’m very single, especially in lockdown. Even the sight of a female is very rare."

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