29 October 2020

New trailer for The Crown depicts pressure Princess Diana was under from the Royal Family

Hit Netflix show The Crown have released a new trailer depicting Princess Diana’s pressured situation with the Royal Family.

In an interaction between The Queen, played by Olivia Coleman, and Princess Margaret, played by Helena Bonham Carter, they say ‘if she won’t bend, she will break’.

The statement came after the Queen’s mother, Marion Bayley, said Diana will ‘give up her fight and bend’, referring to Diana’s outspoken nature.

Also in the trailer, fans got to see the first scenes containing Gillian Anderson as former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The scenes between The Queen and Thatcher convey a hostility between the two, with one particularly icy scene where Thatcher points out they are both the same age.

The Queen asks the Conservative leader who is the ‘senior’ out of the pair, to which Thatcher replies ‘I am Ma’am’.

The trailer also includes a controversial comment from Prince Philip, played by Toby Menzies, who says ‘two women running the shop, that’s the last thing this country needs’.

The Queen (Coleman) then snaps back by replying ‘perhaps that’s precisely what this country needs’.

Season four of The Crown will predominantly focus on Thatcher, Prince Charles and Diana and will be available to stream on Netflix from November 15.

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