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24 January 2022

Adele FaceTimes stunned fans who had bought tickets to her postponed Las Vegas residency

24 January 2022

Adele has surprised fans by FaceTiming them to personally apologise after postponing her Las Vegas residency Weekends with Adele at the eleventh hour.

The Easy on Me hit-maker, 33, had been due to kick off her three-month run at Caesars Palace in Sin City last Friday, but pulled the plug the day before, tearfully declaring in a video posted to social media that she was sorry, but her show “ain’t ready” due to Covid-related delays.

Tickets were like gold dust and not cheap with reports of them ranging from £700 to £9,000 plus, each.

Factor in hotel and travel expenses, not to mention having to get time off work, and given the short notice, fans were understandably miffed with many flocking to social media to vent their frustration.

One such fan, Eleni Sabracos posted a TikTok video on Saturday detailing her bad luck at attempting to see her idol perform live.

In the video – which has received over 2.1 million likes – Sabracos revealed: “Adele has cancelled every show I’ve tried to go for” including the final two shows of her world tour at Wembley stadium in London, and the Las Vegas shows that were announced last year.”

Going the extra mile, she had even had custom made t-shirts printed that read: “I love Adele like Adele loves Beyoncé”.

After Adele’s team got wind of her video and of others posting who had also been left high and dry, they arranged for the singer to reach out to them.

Sabracos posted an update on TikTok after her call with Adele, revealing that the singer had offered to fly her out for her next concert.

In the video, Sabracos can be heard apologising to Adele, to which the the singer replied: “Why are you sorry?”

“Because I feel for you,” Sabracos said, explaining that she understood that the Brit star was doing everything she could over the canceled shows.

According to Sabracos, Adele promised to cover the cost for her to come to Vegas at a later date of her choosing and said that they would get a picture together.

“You pick a show, I’ll cover one of your passes, I’ll fly you in to see me on-stage and we’ll have a photo together,” she told the no longer disappointed fans.

Others shared similar experiences including having video call sing-alongs of some of her biggest hits.

Adele did draw some criticism however, after encouraging fans to check out her pricey merchandise shop which unlike the shows, had opened as planned.

Inside the pop-up, Adele-branded garments such as sweatshirts ranged from $90 to $110 each.

Also on display were varsity jackets, $50 T-shirts, $75 bottles of her favourite Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir wine (which usually retail for $40), necklaces with “Hello”, “Married” and “Divorced” motifs as well as “Cry Your Heart Out” packets of tissues which many fans could probably do with right now, if they hadn’t spent all of their money on getting there in the first place...

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