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This Is Why You Yawn After Someone Else Yawns

Have you ever wondered why you yawn after someone else does, even if you’re not tired? While there is no conclusive scientific reason as to why this happens, there are several theories as to why it occurs. It is commonly believed that yawning is the brain’s way of waking us up when we are tired. Several studies have shown that a person’s heart rate rises for 10-15 seconds after yawning. It is also believed to be the body’s way of cooling us down when the temperature rises. Many researchers believe that empathy is the reason why we yawn when we see someone else yawn. Yawning triggers the mirror neurons in the brain, which are activated “when performing goal-directed behavior”. This makes yawning “physically impossible to resist” as our brains are wired not to resist it. Only adults with fully developed brains behave in this way. Studies have shown that people only copy yawns when they have a close bond with the other person.

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