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Busting a Common Myth About Sweating and Exercise

Busting, a Common Myth About Sweating, and Exercise. According to Lifehacker, how much you sweat is not a reliable indicator of weight loss, . fitness level or how hard you are working out. When your body gets too hot, beyond a temperature that’s healthy, . little glands in your skin secrete droplets of moisture. Those droplets evaporate and help lower your body temperature. . It's just your body's way of keeping itself cool. . While exercising, your muscles generate heat, raising your body's temperature and causing you to sweat. . Sweating more during a workout doesn't mean that you're burning more fat. It just means that your body temperature is high and your sweat glands are trying to cool you down. Sweating a lot can shed excess water weight. However, losing water weight is only temporary. . Every pound of weight you shed while working out is equal to two cups of water, or sweat. . It will be replenished the next time you take a drink of water. . Don't feel like you have to end every workout dripping in sweat to accomplish your fitness goals. . Don't sweat it.

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