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Women Who Eat Fast Food Have Worse Mental Health Then Men

A healthy diet can prevent women over 30 from developing anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. This is according to researchers at Binghamton University who surveyed 322 women and 322 men over the age of 30. Eating foods like fish, nuts and leafy greens was associated with a positive mood. whereas eating fast food and skipping breakfast was associated with a bad mood. Women who skipped breakfast and ate unhealthy food reported more negative side effects than their male counterparts. The researchers say that this confirmed their theory that “women are more susceptible to unhealthy eating than men”. This study looked at correlation, not causation, meaning it’s unclear whether the food caused the bad mood. It’s possible that happy people have a healthier diet than anxious or depressed people. People who did even a small amount of exercise had better mental health than those who did not exercise.

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