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5 Tips for Beginner Hikers

5 Tips, for Beginner Hikers. Hiking is not only great exercise, it can also improve your mood and overall health. . MyFitnessPal recently spoke with Wesley Trimble, program outreach and communications manager for the American Hiking Society, for some beginner tips. These tips will help you hit the trails this summer:. 1. Set a smart goal. Hiking trails fall under 3 levels of difficulty: , easy, intermediate and difficult. . Start with easier hikes and work your way up to harder trails. . 2. Strength training can help. Navigating steep terrain requires strong legs and a strong core. . Squates, deadlifts, kettlebell drills and pushups all help build muscles that are necessary for more difficult trails. . 3. Planning is key. Either take a photo or print out a copy of the trail map. Make note of where you parked, how long you expect the hike to take and where you plan on turning around. . 4. Bring water and snacks. Even for short hikes, be sure to bring some nonperishable snacks like trail mix, energy bars or jerky. . Most importantly, bring water, at least half a liter for every hour you plan to hike. 5. Pack these other essentials. The American Hiking Society recommends carrying:, a compass, flashlight, whistle, first-aid kit, Swiss army knife, sunscreen and sunglasses. . It's time to hit those trails.

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