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Australian Kelpie Sells For Record Fee

An Australian Kelpie has sold for a record-breaking $27,068 at a working dog auction. The dog is named Eulooka Hoover and was sold to an anonymous sheep and cattle grazer. The sale took place at the Casterton Kelpie Association's annual auction on June 13. The previous record sale at a working dog auction was a border collie sold for $26,606 in the UK last year. Eulooka Hoover’s breeder described the dog as a great all-rounder who is naturally good with livestock. He can stimulate their herd instinct and get them to do what they've got to do calmly, and he's just naturally like that, David Lee, Eulooka Hoover’s Breeder And Trainer. A kelpie puppy also sold for a record amount of $6,963 at the auction.

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