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NHS begins 'world-first' trial of early cancer blood test

NHS England is launching a "world-first" trial of a new blood test which can detect over 50 different cancers before symptoms even appear.

Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard says they are "hopeful" this will be an important part of achieving their long-term goal of diagnosing 75% of cancers in the early stages.

Some 140,000 volunteers from across England will be recruited to trial the Galleri test, which is already available in the US.

The test can detect cancers that are not routinely screened for and it can find where the disease is coming from in the body with a high degree of accuracy.

Pritchard said: “This quick and simple blood test could mark the beginning of a revolution in cancer detection and treatment here and around the world.”

The trial will involve people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, aged between 50 and 77.

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