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Watch incredible stunt as daredevil pilot flies plane through two road tunnels

Daredevil Italian pilot Dario Costa experienced tunnel-vision during his latest stunt.

In an extraordinary first, he flew a plane through two motorway tunnels in Turkey while going at more than 150 mph.

There was no margin for error as Costa maintained an altitude of less than three feet with solid concrete surrounding his aircraft on all sides at the Tunnel Pass system near Istanbul.

The Red Bull stunt pilot, in his specially modified Zivko Edge 540 racing aircraft, navigated his plane through a 360-metre tunnel before entering the second, longer tunnel of 1,160 metres.

After completing the stunt, Costa celebrated with a 360-degree loop as he punched the air in celebration.

He later said he was ‘very emotional’ about his achievement, which was more than a year in the planning.

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